Lake Chelan animation description for 'Nick On The Rocks'

We have a new 'Lake Chelan' episode in the works for Season 2 of 'Nick On The Rocks' - the PBS geology series which airs on Seattle's KCTS station.  Look for new episodes in January 2018.

In this little video, I'm talking to animator Donald in Portland.  He will be creating an effective animation that shows the surprising glacial story behind popular Lake Chelan in north central Washington.

Finished Animation for Rock Columns

Finished product by the animators in Portland.  Rock columns forming in cooling lava.  Will be used in a new episode of 'Nick On The Rocks'.  KCTS9 in Seattle.  PBS.

Sketch for the Animators in Portland

For our 'Nick On The Rocks' PBS series...we have an excellent team of animators in Portland that really help us bring key concepts to life.

Here is my short video for them....they will create a Columnar Basalt animation based on it.